Lycawifi lead image design and cross channel launch

Lycawifi is a white-label product allowing customers to use a global hotspot network with over 60 million access points worldwide. I was happy to be assigned this project across all channels as when I found out about it I was very impressed with the offering from Lycamobile.

Below is the lead image that will be overlaid on all outdoor collateral as an extra element (also shown below):

This addition to services is an important step in adapting to a dwindling Telecommunications market. However, the value added is a very shrewd movement towards what I believe will be the future of the market in years to come. I.e. Mesh networking powered by user enabled devices.

I tried to keep the image on brand and as simple as possible whilst generating the interest in the new feature added to existing products. In order to do this I used as much imagery to identify what the product actually is instantaneously recognisable to the customer. E.g. The WiFi logo on a phone screen (denoting that the advertisement is for an app).


Doyald Young - Texan Typography Master

I recently viewed a Lynda video following the work of Doyald Young, a logotype designer specialising in the area of pencil drawn calligraphy. The documentary touched on some of his work including the redraw of the Prudential logotype (below).

Here are some extracts from young's first book on type:


Lycamobile Portugal - Dummy Phone

An interesting marketing experiment made for the Portuguese travel-SIM market in Portugal.This was one of the more challenging cutter guides created to show the advert in the form of a 1:1 sized phone that the customer can pick up in his hands to see product information and exchange at the checkout for the  actual handset!


Lycarewards emailer template

I was asked to produce an email template to roll-out a new product for Lycamobile. The jungle themed header was devised to give a sense of rapid growth and reward. The graphic element in the footer (repeated below) also contrasts to the organic jungle form and gives a sense of structure and pieces falling into place, like a jigsaw.