Lycarewards emailer template

I was asked to produce an email template to roll-out a new product for Lycamobile. The jungle themed header was devised to give a sense of rapid growth and reward. The graphic element in the footer (repeated below) also contrasts to the organic jungle form and gives a sense of structure and pieces falling into place, like a jigsaw.



Oliver is an American DJ duo made up from Oliver Vaughn & Oliver Goldstein. I couldn't get enough of their recent album "Full circle" released last year. They have really gone to town given the quality of sound production. I also love their fresh approach taken in the album, it reminds me alot of Daft Punk and Empire of the Sun maybe even Sam Frank style with Ottomatic, the second track on the Album Full Circle in the range of organic instruments, remixed seamlessly with an electro-house style, it really is superb. The playful synths and crawling basslines that give a well balanced feeling of Euphoria and ground-speed that all culminates in a fluid lake of funky retro styled bliss.Above is one of my favourite tracks from the album, the artwork almost baroque in a surreal but also futuristic style, I think it reflects the music style beautifully with the eclipse ring that appears on the album cover. that plays with th others include a collaboration with Chromeo, the hugely popular and funky duo from Montreal and the music scene there that continues to make waves across the globe with the likes of Kaytranada, A-track and many other exciting new artists!


4G Tunisia 2018 - Lightning Speeds

Good example of copy-led creativity in design. Trying to keep the design as eye-catching yet simple as possible I used the Lycamobile 4G symbol (used across all countries with 4G support) with a vector based lightning element. This sharp contrast on the blue gradient helps it to stand out from the crowd even more than previous 4G launch campaigns.

Heading font = Commando. Future Development :: Work on more vector based illustrations using lighting effects and gradients.


Brighter Connect Brandmark/logotype

I was asked to conceptualise a logo for a recruitment and training startup based locally, here in London.

Having read the brief, I wanted to create a simple yet effective brandmark that would constitute a trustworthy, reliable style that would lend itself well to an app icon for the future development of the business. I chose Orbitron as the logotype as it met the criteria for the brand and melded well with the brandmark when I placed them proportionally next to each other.

The overlaid shapes are all in exact ratios to each other according to the golden ratio (1:1.61803398875). I also added the drop shadow to differentiate the two main shapes and give some depth/dimension to the brandmark.