Brighter Connect Brandmark/logotype

I was asked to conceptualise a logo for a recruitment and training startup based locally, here in London.

Having read the brief, I wanted to create a simple yet effective brandmark that would constitute a trustworthy, reliable style that would lend itself well to an app icon for the future development of the business. I chose Orbitron as the logotype as it met the criteria for the brand and melded well with the brandmark when I placed them proportionally next to each other.

The overlaid shapes are all in exact ratios to each other according to the golden ratio (1:1.61803398875). I also added the drop shadow to differentiate the two main shapes and give some depth/dimension to the brandmark.



Cyberdog Hanger Designs

I was approached by a friend to create a covering for an eco-friendly cardboard hanger he wanted to pitch to Cyberdog (a futuristic cyber-goth shop in Camden). I was really excited to be involved in such a forward thinking project, especially having seen the 3D version of the hanger which was really something else! I can't wait to see these mocked up!